How to take screenshots in Windows 10

That allows you to move your mouse and take actions without the capture tool in the way. But when I use a delay, I always choose ten seconds. That gives me enough time to get the screen set the way I want it. When you use Windows hotkeys to take a screenshot, the image is copied to the clipboard. You can then paste it in an image-editing program and save it to your computer. The screenshot is then stored in the clipboard, and you can paste the screenshot into another application.

Click and drag the cursor to select the area of the screen you would like to use, and release the cursor after you’ve selected the area you wish to capture. Screenshots can be a very useful way to store and share what is on your computer’s screen. Here are a few different ways to take screenshots in Windows. You can select an area of the screen you want to capture and add simple text, rectangles, or arrows as you like. You can also edit the thickness of the lines and elements as you like. Press Alt + Print Screen to capture the active window.

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  • Clipboard history is an excellent feature to keep track of multiple screenshots taken on Windows.
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  • To crop, annotate, and save your screen capture, you’ll have to paste it into an app like Paint or an image editor of your choice.

It’s usually in the upper-right-hand corner, above the “SysReq” button and often abbreviated to “PrtSc.” Press the main Win key and PrtSc at the same time. You can also click the copy button in the Snipping Tool window — it looks like two pages laid over one another — to copy the image to your clipboard. When you’re done, click “File” and then click “Save As” to save Visit Site the completed screenshot to your computer. In the “Mode” drop down, choose the kind of screenshot shape you want — you can choose anything from full screen to rectangular to a free-form shape.

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Wondershare MirrorGo is a utility application developed by Wondershare. As the name suggests, this application allows users to screen mirror their mobile… LICEcap is an easy-to-use, popular, and free desktop utility program to capture a specific area of your screen.

In that case, just press the print screen key and then paste it in the Compose window. No need to find the image and then attach it manually. Similarly, if you want to edit the screenshot in MS Paint or any image editor, just paste it in the Paint window and you have the image right there, ready to be edited. The most effortless way to take a screenshot on Windows 10 is through a keyboard shortcut. Just press Windows and “print screen” keys at once and a screenshot will be taken instantly.

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